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Matematyka / Mathematics


All creative work builds on what came before. Nothing is completely original

"There is nothing new under the Sun" (Biblie)

kwiat z ostrogami

Złoty prostokąt to taki, w którym po odcięciu kwadratu otrzymujemy prostokąt o tych samych proporcjach. Stosunek długości boków złotego prostokąta to (1-sqrt 5) / 1


The Golden Ratio by Origami by P. Glaister (1999)

Origami Cosmic Rectangle by antonybrand

Golden Rectangle by David Lister

Origami Golden Section by Darren Abbey

Uncreased Golden Rectangle out of square by Gadi Vishne (2008)

The Golden Rectangle by Thoki Yenn

Gold, Silver and Bronze Rectangles by Origami-Resource-Center

Tom Hull on Education with Origami (BOS Collection)
Part 1 - Teaching
Part 2 - Research

Erik Demaine Math Encounters - The Geometry of Origami -  Presentation (MoMATH Collection)
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Workshop Excerpt
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